Thursday, December 12, 2013

All caught up...

Ok....that should catch me up on posts for the past couple of weeks.  It has been very busy but so much fun !  Hopefully now I can post after each session...Thanks to all of my customers and here's to a great 2014 filled with lots of photos ! 

Jessica & Travis

COLD COLD COLD !  We spent this session taking a few shots then putting on the coats....then taking them off and shooting a few and putting them back on !  But you couldn't tell by the looks of these photos !  The girls did great and Jessica and Travis were very proud parents ! 

Kelsey Senior Session

How about 39 degrees?  That's how this session started out....luckily it warmed up to a whopping 47.  But the beautiful Kelsey smiled on !  We had fun with this session...Kelsey did great.  She is a pleasure to photograph and her mom, Angela, is a terrific person and such a strong supporter for her daughter !

Felicia & Jobi Wedding Day

This was a sweet intimate wedding.  Felicia was beautiful and neither seemed a bit nervous :)  You can tell alot of thought went into this wedding simply looking at the details of it all.  It was PERFECT weather and the location fit the couple perfectly !

Felicia & Jobi Engagement Session

This was one easy session !  One look at this couple and you can imagine how easy it was !  They were willing to try anything and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather !  The day was perfect and this session was GREAT !

The Popkoff Family

Miss Annley is a go-getter !  She sat still for MAYBE one shot :)  But she is so darn cute !  Those CURLS !!!  She loved her wagon ride and it was also one way we were able to slow her down !

The Smiths

I scheduled Mr. and Mrs. Smith for a holiday mini session.  But right before they got there, I got a call from family telling me it was also their anniversary !  So, we took a few extra :)  Can you say SWEET??????????